Audible Balls

Audible sound balls and bell balls for basketball, goalball, blind soccer, powerball and wheelchair soccer, visually impaired sport and play.

Bambino foam audible play ball – 13cm diameter soft spongy ball for visually impaired play and games. Easy to roll, throw, catch and hold.

Bambino inflatable audible sports ball – 13cm diameter ball ideal for basketball, volleyball or small sided games of football.

Audible Basketball – Size 7 in orange rubber with a clear jingling sound.

Blind soccer match balls for B1 5-a-side – Stryker96 official sound ball with textured surface and the new IBSA approved Flyte ball with smooth surface.

Goalball Match Ball – 25cm match ball with three metal bells inside.

Powerchair / Wheelchair Football match ball – 33cm oversize ball, exceptionally smooth to achieve optimum contact between chair and ball.

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